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5 Things to Consider When Building a Hybrid or Remote Work Culture

5 Things to Consider When Building a Hybrid or Remote Work Culture

In the wake of the pandemic, many businesses are undergoing considerable changes to their work models. Is yours one of them?

Whether your team decided to stay remote indefinitely or opted for a flexible hybrid model, you’re likely still figuring it all out. Like the Milk Crate Challenge that’s currently trending, transitioning to a partial or full remote workplace is a delicate balancing act.

In a PwC survey of executives and rank-and-file employees conducted in January 2021, most respondents (83%) rated their organization’s pivot to remote work as a success.

Just 5% of the executives included in the survey sample thought their company culture would survive a permanent shift to fully remote operations.

These guiding principles will help you maintain a positive work culture while improving customer experience (CX).

1. Always Center the Customer

Moving to a remote work model should never come at the expense of customer experience. And these days? It doesn’t have to.

From live chat to digital personalization, it’s easier than ever for remote teams to deliver high-quality service and customized interactions. When launching new initiatives, make sure to tie them to CX metrics that will allow you to gauge their impact accurately.

2. Rethink Internal & External Communication

When dealing with a hybrid or remote workforce, internal and customer communications should be reexamined for efficiency. Changing your work model can result in lapsed communication if you’re not proactive.

One place to start: take this as an opportunity to look at how you use email, direct messages, and telecommunications to bridge gaps in the customer journey.

3. Assemble Your Tools

It should come as no surprise that 72% of U.S. executives plan to invest in virtual collaboration tools.

Hybrid and remote workforces require their own suite of applications to survive the daily demands of work.

Establishing a set of tools for communication, project management, file sharing, and virtual meetings will help your team stay organized and stick to a good workflow.

4. Keep Your Team’s Goals Aligned

As a CX leader, you end up working across departments with many kinds of employees. Ensuring everyone’s priorities and goals are aligned can be challenging even when you’re all under the same roof.

When in a hybrid or remote workplace, keeping everyone on the same page is doubly important. Regular check-ins, employee surveys, and weekly reports will help.

5. Get Creative with Team Building

Try remote-friendly activities to boost team morale and create bonds between employees. Since you’re leading a dispersed workforce, you’ll need to think outside the box about how to facilitate team building.

Here are a few possibilities:

*Start a work fantasy football league.

*Set a fitness challenge with Fitbit or Strava.

*Get everyone hooked on a podcast.

If something doesn’t catch on, don’t abandon team building altogether. Just move on to the next item on your list. While it can take a few tries to find the best solution for your team, the effects will make your effort worth it.

Finally, if you are still figuring it out, you are not alone. It can be hard balancing your mindset and the needs of your workers. By using the above guidelines, you will maintain a positive culture and improve your customer experience – meaning everyone comes out a winner.

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