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4 Ways to Effectively Scale Your IT Teams

4 Ways to Effectively Scale Your IT Teams

It happened to you: business has picked up, your revenue is on the rise, and you need a bigger IT team. Scaling tech teams provide a unique series of challenges that require a proactive approach and creative thinking from leadership. Follow these tips to effectively scale your IT team in a way that is beneficial for day-to-day business operations and keeps your customers happy along the way.

1. Define a Purpose & Goals

At the forefront of your planning should be consideration of how scaling your IT team will affect the customer experience (CX) and the ideal outcome.

Effectively scaling your IT team isn’t like collecting Pokémon cards. Rather than acquire as many workers as you can afford to have on hand, you should closely consider how each new role will fit within your existing structure.

“My definition of success? The more you’re actively and practically engaged, the more successful you will feel.” – Richard Branson

2. Allocate Time to Adjust

While it’s great to have new hires who are ready to conquer the world on day one, you should expect some ups and downs as they settle into their roles. Set a timeline for acclimating techs into your work environment.

In IT, it’s also critical that you maintain security and attention to detail as you bring more people into your company. Avoid delegating the most important tasks to newcomers until you’re certain that they can excel. 

3. Motivate Your Current Employees

In the rush of hiring and onboarding new workers, don’t neglect your current employees. Adding fresh talent to your team can often put a strain on the vets. Some ideas to motivate them during this time:

  • Treat your team to a round of seasonal beverages (and find out who in your IT crew is a secret pumpkin spice latte fan)
  • Let everyone leave early on a day when business is slow
  • Give out bonuses, Amazon gift cards, or other gifts of appreciation

Even simply recognizing someone’s achievements and saying, “I’m proud of you,” can light the fire they need to make it through the transition period.

4. Consider Staffing Options

Growing your team can be a massive commitment of your company’s time and resources.

On average, it costs $4,129 to hire an employee. If you’re already short-staffed (like many companies right now), that number may be higher.

Staffing agencies can help by assisting or fully handling screening, interviewing, training, and onboarding. They can also cut down on the time it takes to get qualified techs into your workplace.

Effectively scaling your IT teams can be challenging, especially since they usually come with an immediate need. By following these tips, you will focus on how to scale your IT team to align with your business objectives and maintain customer satisfaction.

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