At Alignity Solutions, We are committed to understanding our clients’ talent objectives and moving them forward seamlessly, from where they are today to their desired end result. Our deep expertise in below practices enable u to become self-sufficient and operate with confidence, round the clock

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Java / Fullstack

With the rising complexity of enterprise applications, intense code with versatile functionality, also packing everything good in one application has taken up the game of development much higher.

Full stack development ensures the openness of applications including consolidated frontend, backend, database, and debugging.

We help you navigate through all the challenges of Java/Full stack development with the below expertise:

  • Java 9, Spring boot, Spring JPA, Spring Kafka, Spring Batch, Spring Cloud, Microservices.
  • Angular, React, Node, Ember (and whatever comes next).

Cloud/Data Engineering

In the modern world of enterprise data management, you need to scale your ability to process data. You have our back on your data architecture and engineering challenges where data requires to be obtained, stored, processed, and queried at scale.

Our cloud data engineering capabilities include:  

  • AWS EMR, EC2, Lambda, CI/CD Pipelines, Spark, Redshift, RDS
  • Python, Docker, Redshift, Snowflake, Kafka, Terraform, Cloudformation.
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Bus. Analysis/Proj Mgmt.

Enterprise projects aren’t just about a new product/feature development. They are about identifying problems, visualizing solutions, and then creating a strategy to execute robust and scalable solutions. Our deep Business Analysis and Project management expertise guarantee that your projects align with the strategic goals of your business including

  • Product Development within time & budget.
  • Decreased security and compliance risk.
  • Improved business intelligence and analytics.

Our extensive experience includes

  • Requirements Analysis, SWOT Analysis, UML, Change Man, Agile/Scrum
  • Scope, Time, Cost, Resource Communication, Risk, Quality Management.