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Loyal, psychologically
committed and more

Not Engaged
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Productive, but are not
psychologically connected and more likely to leave.

Actively Disengaged
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Physically present, but are
psychologically absent.
Very unhappy and are definite to leave.

Same boat, different engagement.
Some drive it, some jump off it.

Inspire team performance, no matter the location.

Give your managers the tools they need to keep their team engaged and motivated from anywhere. Support your employees in becoming their best selves.

Highly Engaged Employees Are:

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Learn how Alignity can help you engage & inspire your employees through latest Positive Psychology research from the world’s top universities and Technology Aligned to the Science of Thriving.

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Product Features:

  • Check Ins

    Holistic manager check-ins that surface the things that matter most.

  • 1-on-1s

    Hold effective 1-on-1s with anyone.

  • 360° Best Self Review®

    Help Employees Grow with relevant 360% feedback.

  • High Fives

    Celebrate your peers and build a culture of gratitude.

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Generate high levels of performance by tapping into your
biggest asset—your people.

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