Let’s Confront Covid Collectively

As the pandemic drastically changed everything around us, no person or business is spared from having to embrace an unfamiliar environment.

As we collectively fight COVID-19, I am inspired by seeing other companies rise up in a variety of ways to ease the pain. So my team and I decided to offer our support to our B2B community.

Right now, more than ever, Alignity Solutions is on a mission to lead through our purpose to help 100 Companies.

Our goal is simple: Help 100 Companies cut half their time & resources expense to achieve the below at absolutely zero cost.

  • Connect & Engage with Stellar Talent.
  • Enhance Team’s Productivity & Wellness.

To make this possible, Alignity Solutions is offering each of the below tools/services 100% free for the next 60 days (till Aug 31, 2020).

Employer Branding

  • 1 Employer Branding Video
  • 50 Social Media (Linkedin, Facebook & Twitter) Posts.

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Talent Acquisition

• Resume Sourcing for your Hiring Needs.

• One to Many Video Interview Automation Platform.

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Performance Innovation

  • Remote Digital Workplace.
  • Remote Performance Inspiration Platform.
  • CoWorking Space Membership.

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To my team at Alignity, thank you for your dedication, long hours and resilience to help restart the global economic engine.

-Gopi Kokkonda
CEO, Alignity Solutions

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$5000 on Full-time Role | 5% on Contract Role