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What are you looking for :Leader?Tech Savvy?Team player? All In One?
Our expertise:

We do very few things so that we can do them well, have 8000 hours of experience in each of the below niches.

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100% Real. We always send resumes with full contact details

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Over 2000 opportunities
represented since 2000

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3 Days is the average time from request to interview

We’re Software Builders too

We understand how hard it is to spot stellar  talent to add to the team. They already have jobs and aren’t looking!
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We are driven by

The fundamentals which make teams thrive.

All humans crave for a combination of Growth, Experience & Contribution.

Teams who quench the above ultimately accelerate your vision and disrupt the world through continuous Innovation, and Challenging the Status Quo – which then tranforms their Work into Play

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How do we spot stellar talent?

We have been doing this 1999, so we have met and keep in touch with hundreds of tech people.

Some tell us like.. 

I am not currently looking but let me know if a Director role opens up in Financial space

We”ll introduce you to people who have been waiting for opportunity like yours

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Why Us?

We know what makes great teams work, because we’ve got one too.

You are covered for any/all points of failure leveraging our time tested & continually refined processes & tools. Check out what our partners say, also test drive our offer for new clients.

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