Fulfilling Southwest Airlines Need for Specialist Programmers

Southwest Airlines Co. is a major United States airline headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

Business Situation

Southwest Airlines were implementing a complex infrastructure project that required people with Java programming skills.


IT specialists with a combination of infrastructure experience and Java programming skills are hard to find. This problem was exacerbated when one of their incumbent contractors pulled out of the project.

Our Solution

The client approached Alignity to connect them with the best IT talent available with the relevant skills.

Alignity set about tracking down the most qualified people for the job, leaving no stone unturned. Within 2 weeks, Alignity had found a perfect match for the project and arranged for a knowledge transfer with the outgoing contractor.

Impact and Result

The client was so pleased with our approach and for locating and managing skilled talent, that they hired us for additional resources. They also chose Alignity as one of their preferred technology partners.

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