Gopi Kokkonda

Engineering Leadership, Future of Work, Workplace Wellness Evangelist.

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Future Of Work

Building a team today isn’t as much about hiring as it is about engaging & retaining them.

The definition of Work is evolving everyday where an employee likes to decide what, where & how much they like to work each day.

This track addresses how to blend Research, Objectives & Leadership efforts to create a useful employee experience.

Engineering Leadership

The highest levels of engineering management are isolating & challenging.

As your role grow, your opportunity to lean on others for advice & support decreases.

This track addresses the challenges & solutions of Team, Tech, Process & Culture.

Workplace Wellness

Although the pandemic might have started to wane, workplace mental health challenges continue to be relevant in below aspects – physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual.

This track empowers employers to succeed with improvements in employee engagement, productivity & retention.

Partial Portfolio

My Superhero

Why & How to be our own super hero.

Future Of Work

“How to Hire, Engage & Retain Stellar Employees” at Wework, Legacy West.


Summit on Diversity in Technology, eliciting the best practices of DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) in workplace.

Hard Times Create Strong Leaders

Sharing Covid impact on Gen – Z and how hard times create strong leaders.

Effects Of Bad Hire

The cost of a bad hire is 3-5 times the compensation of an employee and how to avoid it.

Skills That Get Your First Job 

Career Guidance to fresh graduates to accelerate their dream career search.

About Gopi Kokkonda

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Gopi Kokkonda is a serial entrepreneur, investor and a startup mentor.

He is the CEO of Alignity Solutions, a tech solutions & consulting company with offices in United States, England and India.
Also, he is the General Partner of Zen Ventures, a VC firm with portofolio in Tech Startups, Realestate, Wellness & Social Entrapreneurship.

He is a mentor for 1 million cups Frisco Chapter, also he runs a toastmasters gavel club for middle & high schoolers.

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