Getting an E-learning Company On-track with their Marketing

The company is a market leader in e-learning and specialist provider of web-based learning platforms and online resources. Resources are aimed at professionals seeking online training and learning worldwide. Their platform also provides blended learning, networking and discussion opportunities across multiple devices.

Business Situation

Despite substantial investment of money and time, their marketing efforts were not yielding good enough results to achieve planned growth targets. They were also struggling to balance growth with surging overheads.


The e-learning company needed to increase turnover rapidly as medium to heavy losses were imminent within the next two quarters. They needed to devise and implement an effective sales and marketing strategy, quickly.

Our Solution

When marketing budgets are tight, some companies are tempted to focus all their efforts on generating organic traffic. This is a mistake, especially if fast results are needed.

Paid traffic allows businesses to increase conversions far more quickly than waiting for organic search results to improve.

We understood this at Alignity, which is why we launched ad campaigns for this e-learning company on several digital streams, across various ad platforms and devices. The goal was to maximize visibility and generate as many leads as possible.

To achieve this, we created display ads to increase brand awareness and product-listing ads that would appear when prospects searched for a competitor. We closely monitored the ROI of each channel and shut down all under-performing ads.

We also suggested that the client tweaked their pricing and came up with a new offer to draw customers in.

Impact and Result

The company experienced a 200% increase in the success of their marketing funnel, with a 22% conversion rate, sustained over the long-term.

Our interventions combined to increase the number of conversions, hit their growth targets and ultimately save the company from ruin.

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