Value Messaging

Interpreting the understanding of insights from target markets & segments, followed by generating messages to the purchase decision makers and influencers, demonstrating you understand their problems, and that you have a convincinganswer that offers proven value is key to value messaging.

We feature our client’s customer problems, formulate their solutions ensuring value by target markets.

Customer Needs

Starting with identifying client’s customer needs

Unique Value

Detailing client’s unique value against customer needs

Solution & Proof

Your solution to customer needs and your proof points

Arriving at a differentiated value proposition for each of the key segment allows

An all-inclusive key message which helps to build common identity through its consistency of use

Common value-based messaging can be used across the marketing mix

Decided differentiation can be used reliably throughout the marketing content

Priority customer needs drive client’s value proposition, messaging and identity

Brand building through consistent promotionwith the repetition of intended value proposition

Documented messaging aids visual identity and digital marketing keyword development

An example of value messaging created for a web development company

Value Messaging Example

Alignity intends and strives to live the essence of the rich word 'Align'
in each aspect of its client serving endeavors