Talent Solutions

Talent is critical for a business growth trajectory, and it is our strength.

Alignity Talent Solutions

Alignity connects superior talent with growing companies to accelerate exponential growth. Our Contract, Contract to Hire technical staffing services give you the freedom to handpick talent from a very qualified and competitive pool of resources.

What makes us different?

We supply value, not resumes. We look at staffing beyond the paper resumes and job boards. We believe in looking at an entire organization, understanding our customers industries, its goals and objectives and the needs of the departments that are in search for talent. By continually following up with our existing clients, market trends and continued feedback from both companies and candidates we have developed a unique staffing service that results in saving our clients at least 32% of time and 26% of cost on hiring decisions.

Our Promise

Before Interview: We save interviewing time by > 40%

We don't send a resume, instead share the candidate's Video Summary and Verifiable Credentials (recommendations, certification scores, tech community contributions)

During Interview: We take the responsibility if our interview panel time is wasted

If a candidate & the resume appear to be a mismatch, we reimburse you $1000

After Interview: We take the risk away from your hiring decision

Within the first 45 days, If a candidate doesn't meet your expectations, we reimburse you $5000, also not bill for that time.

After On-boarding: We help the contractor adapt with your technology/culture

We pay $1000 per candidate per year to enhance their relevant job skills.

For more information on how our talent solutions might help you, please contact us at 214 299 8420 or talent@alignity.io

Alignity strives to live the essence of the rich word
'Align' in each aspect of its client serving endeavors.