Strategy Formation

Strategy is the plan of action keeping business intent in view – could be short-term/long-term. TO – BE path (elaborated at the difference we can make section) based on thorough study on AS – IS, we help clients arrive at the direction of viable and actionable strategy. Strategy will be further complemented by target wise plans.


1. Vision

Formulate your vision


2. Strategy

Strategy to realize vision


3. Marketing Plan

Accomplish your strategy

Delivering desired results intime frames isn’t impractical with the available tools as on date. The ability to use the tools surgically stands as the stumbling block. We have gained expertise at acting with precision by optimum utilization of resources.

Strategies we can help clients with

Company strategy
Brand strategy
Portfolio strategy
Market strategy
Segmentation strategy
Messaging strategy
Market entrance strategy

Market development strategy
Go-to-market strategy
Customer retention strategy
Marketing strategy
Communications strategy
Demand generation strategy
Digital marketing strategy

Marketing content strategy
Marketing automation strategy
Sales channel strategy
Partner program strategy
Ecommerce strategy
Organisational strategy
Operational strategy

Followed by strategy formulation, we help you create and execute plans, sideways with building modern and best practice process, to deliver the desired strategic business goals.

Plans we can help clients with and deliver

Business plans
Marketing plans
Demand generation plans
Digital marketing plans
Campaign plans
Communication plans
Messaging plans

Marketing content plans
Account based marketing plans
Marketing automation plans
Skills development plans
Competitive attack plans
Customer retention plans
Operational plans

eCommerce plans
Country entry plans
Country growth plans
Sales channel plans
Channel onboarding plans
Channel partner program plans
Sales enablement plans

Alignity intends and strives to live the essence of the rich word 'Align'
in each aspect of its client serving endeavors