Our unique renovative approach is intended to aid accelerated growth for start-ups, struggling companies,
and successful businesses with determined growth aims.

The Renovation Accelerator

We facilitate clients discover new opportunities in the business and sustainably increase revenues by adaptingour plans

Get a new perspective on the business. Discover its value to guide the renovation strategy.

Dedicated support
Authentic business audit frameworks
80/20 value review
Business intent audit

Identify and prioritise new ideas to design a manageable plan of action to renovate your business.

Focus on potential market opportunities
Hitting the right track
Clear and controllable vision

Empowering the team, building new processes and delivering through the most effective channels.

Designing marketing campaigns
Project based approach on execution
Minimum viable marketing plan
Effective processes
Compelling messaging

Test and measure performance, consistent optimising to grow results and better the return on investment.

Optimise performance
Track engagements and conversions
Evolve and adapt campaigns
Continue to grow
Ongoing mentoring and support

Our process orientated approach is intended to help numerous technology and SME clients significantly enhance their approach, processes and business results cost-effectively.

Our renovative approach can complement growth acceleration for start-ups, struggling companies, and successful businesses that have promising growth plans.

The renovation accelerator is poised to be delivered to companies in US, UK & India with significant real-world experience in marketing, digital marketing, sales and business development for large, mid-sized and small companies.

Either executed directly by us, or with our network of marketing partners, renovationaccelerator delivers range of growth-centric services from creating strategies and plans, building respected and engaging brands, and producing high-impact new ‘product’ launches, through to differentiated and value-based demand generation and digital marketing, and creating high performance sales teams and channel partners using proven best-in-class approaches.

Grow your brand, leads, market share and sales.

We can help you renovate and accelerate your business growth.

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Alignity intends and strives to live the essence of the rich word 'Align'
in each aspect of its client serving endeavors