Mediamorph Success Story

Mediamorph is a media and digital entertainment company founded and managed by veterans of the Digital Entertainment and Internet Advertising Business. Their mission is to manage the "Business of Digital Entertainment - Making it More Measurable, Transparent and Predictable". Additionally, Mediamorph assists several clients, including various industry-known fortune 100 companies, which are synonymous with the media and entertainment industry.

For a recent engagement with a new elite client, Mediamorph started a key project with the assistance of a third-party vendor. Despite having great ideas and concepts, Mediamorph faced tough challenges with their selected vendor in the implementation phase. Mediamorph then realized that they needed a more mature partner to go further in terms technology, process, as well as commitment. Mediamorph choose Alignity as their new technology partner to continue with the remaining work left on the project.


Alignity stood up to Mediamorph's challenge as the new vendor to be brought in and was excited to be involved. It was a fairly complicated project as is, only made more challenging by the fact that Mediamorph had already lost valuable implementation time with the switch in vendors.

To start off the engagement, Alignity provided a dedicated project manager and architect to understand Mediamorph's business and the problems they faced. After thoroughly understanding the issues, the Alignity team proposed a new revised project plan showing significant value addition in every area of project design, analysis, development and QA with no lag in time in order to bring Mediamorph back on track. Utilizing customized agile methodologies, alongside a talented and committed team of developers with excellent QA skills, ensured the project moved forward smoothly.

The Alignity Solution

Daily sessions with the client, close monitoring of issues, total transparency, the right choice of technology and tools were all key to the success of the project.

Additionally, Alignity choose only open source technologies and tools to reduce the budget for the client. We then customized and extended these technologies to improve performance wherever we could. For example, we integrated Hibernate (an ORM framework) to work with JASPER (a popular reporting tool) not only at the query level, but also as a custom data source. As a result, the reports in the application that originally took minutes to appear were improved to show in seconds instead. Some of the other technologies / frameworks / tools that we used were Struts, Hibernate, Postgres, JASPER, Eclipse, pgAdmin, ANT, Linux and agile methodologies.

Impact & Results

The final end product was a highly scalable, performance oriented, easily manageable and extendable application. The Alignity team also made sure they provided excellent support to the client during the hand-over / transition process of the project as well.

Overall, the project was a great success and it helped Mediamorph strategically with being able to take further initiatives. And for us what matters most is always our client's success - what started off as a challenge, undertaking a project midway, ended with our client being tremendously satisfied and pleased with the results we provided.

Alignity intends and strives to live the essence of the rich word 'Align'
in each aspect of its client serving endeavors